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all xform formatting breaks when I place a calculation in a Select_one question.

Question asked by desicartography on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by BArmstrong-esristaff

I was so happy to hear that calculations are supported on select_one questions, but I'm facing a problem in implementing this functionality.  I have a work flow that is using pull data calculations to populate a text field.  Because I have a question later that is a select_one question that is the same data I don't want to ask the end user for the same information again.  I want the select_one question to auto populate.  When I place the calculation "${text}" in the calculation column for the select_one question all of my xform appearance, relevant, and data calculations break.


I can't just skip the select_one question, because the pulldata on the {text} field is dependent on an online workflow and we have many users that don't have internet in their field context, and there is a later question that filters based on the response in the select_one question.  Am I trying to implement a workflow that was not envisioned in the new calculation capabilities in select_one questions or am I typing in the calculation wrong?