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Missing a layer so can not edit my map

Question asked by nonob55 on May 3, 2018

I recently upgraded my free personal account to be hosted on my employer's ArcGIS account.  I discovered a few weeks later that this process unpublished all my maps and storymaps.  I've fixed most of them but the first one I made several years ago has a problem  There is one layer which does not seem to be working anymore.  It added the Legislative districts to my map and it is applied to twelve maps within my storymap. My problem is that when I try to fix it it doesn show up in the layers.  I'm attaching 3 screenshots of various pages so you can see what I mean.  I am trying to find the layer WSDOT - Legislative Districts and while it shows up in pictures #1 and #3 it isn't apparent in the place where I can actually edit it.  I am not able to republish it without fixing the problem and can't figure out how to do so Any suggestions?  Thanks.