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Is there a roadmap for clustering symbols in .Net runtime 100.x?

Question asked by on May 3, 2018
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We're exchanging other technology with esri technology in order to take advantage of all the research and development done by esri. Specifically we would like to use .Net runtime 100.2 in a c# wpf base application to several hundreds of global customers. Some of which has a lot of point represented data, sometimes located near eachother so they would want ability to aggregate/cluster the symbols. I've taken this screenshot from an example of clustering in ArcGIS API for WPF - this is basically what we want to do. Now, my question is, when will this be supported in .Net runtime 100.x? And, until then, would you recommend us to use ArcGIS API for WPF?


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Thomas Lindegaard
(formerly with Informi GIS, the Danish distributor)