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Discussion created by RajeshManePro on Apr 3, 2018
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Hi Greg,

We are in process of upgrading our desktop system on 10.x. We are actually using Ericsson's Network engineer and planning to replace it with ArcGIS pro and subsequently web and mobile.

Before moving further, I would like to know following things in order to support our datamodel in ArcGIS Pro. As current datamodel is in geometric network and needs to be migrated in Utility Network.

  1. Can we use same table structure as presently getting managed in Ericsson network engineer.
  2. If not then , How utility network will manage following things in its datamodel.
  • Cable Units
  • Structure Units
  • Span Units
  • Equipment Details Views
  • Structure , Span details views
  • connections of Equipment and cable
  • Network traces required for Port to port tracing

Can we get this information in esri's datamodel which supports utility network ? When esri is planning release complete solution of telco datamodel and its required extension of Network utility configuration would be released ? As did not find any write-up or white paper written on Telco Utility Network model as similar to electric , water and gas.

appreciate for your response to move further.



Rajesh Mane

Solution Architect

British Telecom , PLC