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Difference in suitable area when using two approaches.

Question asked by xesppx on May 3, 2018
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I'm trying to do a suitability analysis in ArcMap with the model builder. I've tried two different ways to get the answer, but when I use Buffer instead of Eucledian Distance I find a little difference in one area. 


This is just to show the two models and which tool that have been used. It's basically like this, but of course with a lot more files. 


Buffer tool:


Eucledian distance tool:



I'm quite new to ArcGis and ArcMap, with my first encounter with the software the last three months, so it's not that easy to know why I get a little extra suitable area when I use the buffer tool. Have I used some wrong tool for the job or is there a source of error that I havent thought about?


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