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why does story map tour not recognize hosting server

Question asked by dbramhall on May 3, 2018

Ladies and Gents,


Hosting Server is running with relational data store.  Portal recognizes the active hosting server.

When I initiate creation of Story Map Tour App, at the "Welcome to the Map Tour Builder" screen the ArcGIS logo under "I need to upload my images" is greyed out and states "This feature requires the portal to have a hosting server."

Architecture is all 10.5.1 with Portal installed in the DMZ on virtual (with web adaptors), AGS Site behind internal firewall (2xvirtuals) and AGS running Data Store (tied to Hosting Server) is not part of the "Site" and runs on a separate virtual server behind internal firewall.  Data Store is active and being used for Insights with no connectivity issues.

Any ideas why the Web App Builder does not recognize the hosting server??  We're running in a completely disconnected environment.