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Editable and Move MapImageLayer Feature

Question asked by dfresh22 on May 1, 2018

I am looking for a way to add a MapImage layer, and be able to move it (I do not care about editing vertices, resizing, etc...) only moving the image. if anyone has done this before please let me know. I will post updates as I go.


I have a bit of code, but for example sake, use this code from a previous question here.

map.on("load", function() {

// create and add the layer

var mil = new esri.layers.MapImageLayer();



// create an add the actual image

var mi = new esri.layers.MapImage({

  'extent': { 'xmin': -80, 'ymin': 33, 'xmax': -85, 'ymax': 37},

  'href': ''