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Is it possible to modify existing relationship between AGOL hosted Feature layer and table?

Question asked by jswoveland_Latitudegeo on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by jswoveland_Latitudegeo

Hi, so here's the issue:

A while back I published a Hosted Feature Service, consisting of a single feature layer and a couple of tables. The intention was for each table to have a 1:M relationship with the feature layer, however one of them was inadvertently created as a 1:1 relationship.  This was a dataset of about 90000 records which existed in an enterprise geodatabase.

I've gone into the administrative endpoint for the feature service and attempted to modify the json definition directly, to change the cardinality of the relationship, and to just delete it outright, but that just results in the error, 'Invalid definition for 'SourceSchemaChangesAllowed' when I try to apply the change.

Is my only option to fix the relationship in the SDE database, and then republish?  

Is there a way to do this without overwriting the data?


Thanks for any help.