Is it possible to obtain a Globe Envelope?

Discussion created by psukardi on Feb 3, 2011
I'm trying to leverage ArcGLobe to get an envelope or extent of what is visible to the user.  Basically, if the globe loads up and I zoom to North America, I'd like to know the bounds of the globe are North America...

I have the ability to place the mouse inside the globe and convert x,y mouse coordinates into Lat,Lon Coordinates; however, if the mouse is placed outside of the globe no value can be returned.  Obviously this removes the ability to just get the extent based on the four corners of my screen. 

Is there a way to get the radius of the globe in pixels?  If so I could just do some basic math and double the radius to get the diameter and know that based upon the diameter and the  height/width of the globe control know the four corners of the globe to a certain degree with minimal error.

Any ideas would be great.  I'm not looking for code per-se but at least point me in the right direction or library would be helpful.