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Selecting points from a raster  that have a 20m height difference within a distance of 100m

Question asked by on May 1, 2018
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I have a digital elevation model and  i want  to select  the  maximum and  minimum  values within  a distance  of 100m . I want  to use  numpy array to  raster  function  to  convert  my raster  to an  array . 

(1) From the  array  i want  to create  a search window of  100m x 100m  and  select  a the maximum and  minimm values  in the window

(2) I want  to assign a value of 1  to the maximum values and 2  to the minimum value  if  the  difference between the 2 is greater  tha  20m 

(3) All other values  that are  not the maximum or minimum should be assign to zero 

(4) If the  values  do not  meet the creteria, convert all the  values  to zero 

NB. The  window  should  be non_ overlapping so  as to get a unique  combination of the max a nd min value .

I want  to do this for my project  of selecting  a head of 20m over a distance  of 100m and within 50m of the  river created from a DEM