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what are the units of an offline map's sync progress?

Question asked by reedhtr on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by rolson-esristaff

What are the units of the NSProgress when I'm accessing AGSGeodatabaseSyncTask.syncJob. progress.completedUnitCount?  Is it an index into layer IDs of the feature service?  Is it instead an index along a subset of those layers that had edits with some delta to sync?


I have a mature app that I just upgraded from 10.2.5 to 100.2.1 of the ArcGIS Runtime for iOS.  Each client has a single offline geodatabase file, and all the files of that geodatabase bidirectionally synchronize against a feature service containing 96 point, line and polygon feature classes. 


My users will greatly appreciate having more access to a progress indicator now available during syncs of an offline geodatabase with a feature service.  I'd like to spice it up with more feedback if I can interpret what these numbers from syncJob.progress.completedUnitCount mean such as which layer is being actively synced.  



-Reed Hunter