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Unable to edit Feature Service data in Collector without downloading work area then syncing.

Question asked by ruffinom_ChautauquaCounty on May 1, 2018

I am trying to set up a workflow for about ten field workers to be able to add and edit data points that were created from a Survey123 entry. The main issue I am having is being to able to edit/update existing points on the map.  In short, the process involves clicking a parcel polygon (from Collector) which then allows the user to start and submit a Survey123 form which drops a point upon submission. That point populates a feature class in our SDE gdb.  This part of the workflow has been successful. Each web map contains an 'item from web' which has stored credentials for each corresponding feature service. In total there are seven different forms, that relate to seven different feature services, and seven different web maps.

   So attached is the error that appears when trying to edit an existing point. A work-around that was successful was to download the work area before opening the web-map, (which allowed me to edit attributes and point location, without the error) then using 'sync data' , resulting in a successful update of the point feature class in SDE.

   So I am wondering if there is a way to edit the data without having to download a work prior to starting?


Some added info: 

ArcGIS server 10.5.1

SQL Server 2014

Portal is not configured, we are using web-adaptor

All feature service data is 'sync enabled'

Ownership based access control is not enabled


The parcel polygons and Survey123 points are related  based on global_ID and guid fields.


Any help would be greatly appreciated   Thanks