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Does Arcgis pro have an automated tool for performing satellite image pre-preprocessing

Question asked by TargetBest on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by TargetBest

I have worked with software such as QGIS, ENVI and PCI geomatica, and they have tools to that performs atmospheric correction, cloud masking and haze removal. Although I use PCI geomatica if the image has heavy haze because it does remove the haze perfectly well. But I still prefer the Envi flaash wizard .
While working with Arcmap I used the raster calculator for DOS atmospheric correction. Which I find tedious
I know that I can access imagery such as Landsat from esri living atlas, I would like to know if:
Atmospheric correction process has been performed the on imagery
There is an automated toolbox for both arcgis pro and arcmap that does this operation