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Crowdsource - photo size ratio

Question asked by tim.lohnes_Hayward on Apr 30, 2018
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I'm having a really hard time getting photos to show up correctly without being cropped.

Seems like there are so many restrictions, it is going to be really hard for the crowd to successfully add photos.

I saw the previous post about minimum Size and how to edit that. Thanks, that helps a lot.


But what about ratio.

See the Stories map in this Map Series, 


The top 3 points are all heavily cropped, even though the 3rd one is only 220x400px.

The furthest south point, I purposefully cut off the guy on the right to try and get an entire photo to fit. This photo fits fine.

Without trial and error on every photo, how do we upload photos that will be successfully displayed, without cropping in the app? Also, is there any way to get wide photos to fit. I would have assumed it would shrink to fit the max dimension.


Maybe add some settings allowing user to crop after uploading. Or let them drag and shrink the height to fit in the example of the 1st 3 photos on my link


Since I will eventually change my data points, for the sake of posterity, here are a couple of screenshots.

1. Original photo, 1300 x 705, heavily cropped by crowdsource map


2. Original photo, 820px wide x 705px height, shows up perfectly in app