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When will nested repeats become available?

Question asked by Kacy.Beck@fecc.coop_FECCGIS on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by dougbrowning

To my current knowledge, nested repeats are not a current function for Survey 123.

I have an Inspection form I am creating in Survey 123 for the Joint Use section of my corporation. But I am not able to accomplish what I need to since nested repeats aren't available.

For example: There are (electric/power) poles. These poles can have multiple attachments (i.e- cable company attachments). Each of these attachments can have multiple violations (i.e- broken or unsafe according to our code). Right now I have the form to geopoint a pole, enter in that pole information, and the ability to use the Repeat function to add multiple attachments for that pole. I need to be able to add multiple violations for each attachment and still have them all related back to each other, however since nested repeats are not allowed, I am unable to properly accomplish this.


  • Pole (1)
    • [can have] Attachment(s) (1+)
      • [which each attachment can have] Violation(s) (1+)


So I would like to have:

  • Pole
    •    Begin Repeat (for Attachments)
      • Begin Repeat (for Violations)
      • End Repeat (for Violations)
    •    End Repeat (for Attachments)


1. Any advice/work arounds that are efficient? (I've come across a couple other questions similar to this but I haven't seen anything recent... yet- still looking)

2. Will nested repeats become available? If so, when?