Can I model ponding of rainfall on a surface using ArcHydro?

Discussion created by amberlina on Feb 3, 2011
Hi all,

I've gotten stumped with my model of ponding on an impermeable surface. I have a DEM of the surface and the corresponding daily rainfall field for a year of data. What I need to do is pour the water onto the surface each day and see where ponds occur (with the assumption that all sinks are natural, which I'm pretty confident in) but I just can't figure out how to do it, if it can be done at all, in Arc.

I've used FlowAcc weighted with the rainfall field but that just gives me sinks. I can't figure out how to weight 'Fill' so that the medium used to fill is in line with my rainfall field. I thought about trying ArcHydro but don't know if that can do what I need either. Does anyone know how I can tackle my problem and if ArcHydro would help?

I've also posted this under 'Spatial Analyst' in case it can be done that way but I've been battling with it for a month now and am starting to think it's just not possible to do this with Arc. 

Thanks for reading!