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View.Popop.Open() Bugged for SceneView in 4.x?

Question asked by alindley on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by alindley

I have a bit of code that programmatically opens a popup for a certain feature in a feature layer, but the resulting popup does not behave like I would expect. When viewed from NADIR, the location of the popup is correct, but if the sceneview is tilted, the popup does not stay at the specified location.


This is not the case if you click on the feature itself to open the popup. In that case, the popup works perfectly.


I put together a small codepen to illustrate the problem here: Popup Example

   - Once in the codepen, click the button in the upper left and the popup will open view the method,    and you should see the weird behavior when you tilt the view. 

   - Then click the blue feature layer itself and you should see the popup reopen and exhibit the correct behavior.


Any insight into a fix would be much appreciated!