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2d direct line measurement for 4.7?

Question asked by xennn on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by rscheitlin

I see there is no 2d direct line measurement for 4.7. I use 2d mapview also I want a 2d direct line measurement. In api reference, it says dlm can be made by using geometryengine and draw classes. I used non-intersecting draw line. Now I want to integrate with geometryengine to measure distance but I don't know how.



Also, draw non-intersecting line not work correctly right now even in the sample. I have to double click to draw but it was working correctly before. 


Using codes:


view.when(function (evt) {
var draw = new Draw({
view: view

// ********************
// draw polyline button
// ********************
var drawLineButton = document.getElementById("meabut");
drawLineButton.onclick = function () {;
enableCreateLine(draw, view);

function enableCreateLine(draw, view) {
// creates and returns an instance of PolyLineDrawAction
// can only draw a line by clicking on the map
var action = draw.create("polyline", {
mode: "click"

// focus the view to activate keyboard shortcuts for sketching

// listen to vertex-add event on the polyline draw action
action.on("vertex-add", updateVertices);

// listen to vertex-remove event on the polyline draw action
action.on("vertex-remove", updateVertices);

// listen to cursor-update event on the polyline draw action
action.on("cursor-update", createGraphic);

// listen to draw-complete event on the polyline draw action
action.on("draw-complete", updateVertices);


// This function is called from the "vertex-add" and "vertex-remove" events.

// Checks if the last vertex is making the line intersect itself.

function updateVertices(evt) {
// create a polyline from returned vertices
var result = createGraphic(evt);

// if the last vertex is making the line intersects itself,
// prevent "vertex-add" or "vertex-remove" from firing
if (result.selfIntersects) {

// create a new graphic presenting the polyline that is being drawn on the view
function createGraphic(evt) {
var vertices = evt.vertices;;

// a graphic representing the polyline that is being drawn
var graphicc = new Graphic({
geometry: new Polyline({
paths: vertices,
spatialReference: view.spatialReference
symbol: {
type: "simple-line", // autocasts as new SimpleFillSymbol
color: [4, 90, 141],
width: 4,
cap: "round",
join: "round"

// check the polyline intersects itself.
var intersectingFeature = getIntersectingFeature(graphicc.geometry);

// Add a new graphic for the intersecting segment.
if (intersectingFeature) {[graphic, intersectingFeature]);
// Just add the graphic representing the polyline if no intersection
else {;

// return the graphic and intersectingSegment
return {
graphic: graphicc,
selfIntersects: intersectingFeature

// function that checks if the line intersects itself
function isSelfIntersecting(polyline) {
if (polyline.paths[0].length < 3) {
return false
var line = polyline.clone();

//get the last segment from the polyline that is being drawn
var lastSegment = getLastSegment(polyline);
line.removePoint(0, line.paths[0].length - 1);

// returns true if the line intersects itself, false otherwise
return geometryEngine.crosses(lastSegment, line);

// Checks if the line intersects itself. If yes, changes the last
// segment's symbol giving a visual feedback to the user.
function getIntersectingFeature(polyline) {
if (isSelfIntersecting(polyline)) {
return new Graphic({
geometry: getLastSegment(polyline),
symbol: {
type: "simple-line", // autocasts as new SimpleLineSymbol
style: "short-dot",
width: 3.5,
color: "yellow"
return null;

// Get the last segment of the polyline that is being drawn
function getLastSegment(polyline) {
var line = polyline.clone();
var lastXYPoint = line.removePoint(0, line.paths[0].length - 1);
var existingLineFinalPoint = line.getPoint(0, line.paths[0].length -

return new Polyline({
spatialReference: view.spatialReference,
hasZ: false,
paths: [
[existingLineFinalPoint.x, existingLineFinalPoint.y],
[lastXYPoint.x, lastXYPoint.y]