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VRP Orders Snapping - Avoid Freeways/Other Roads

Question asked by mkoneya on Apr 26, 2018

I have a set of orders,   Bulk Solid Waste Pick-ups.   In the area I am routing,  there is a major road (DESERT MOUNTAIN PKWY) with no addresses located off it.   However,   when I load some of the Orders,   they will snap to the Desert Mountain Pkwy because the point is closest to Desert Mountain Pkwy and not the street the order is addressed off of.     


I would like to be able to exclude Desert Mountain Pkwy from snapping for location on orders,  but still allow the Solid Waste Trucks to traverse Desert Mountain Pkwy to get to the orders.


I also have the same situation with a State Highway where I would like vehicles to traverse it,  but not be able to have orders picked up from the highway.


I tried to use a Build Query in the Network Locations tab in the Vehicle Routing Problem layer,   but setting a query to "Street_Name <> 'Desert Mountain Pkwy'"   did nothing and an order that is close to that road still was located on it.


Thanks for the assistance.