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Create a Geocoding service in AGOL to enter GPS coordinates to be used in Explorer for ArcGIs and Collector.

Question asked by Trainor on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by JWhitney-esristaff

One of my users had an issue with gps coordinates over the weekend. He was given gps coordinates to find a location in a 2000+ acre area but when he entered the coordinates he ended up in Australia. I did a little digging this morning and read about creating a Geocoding Service that can be used to search by Long, Lat(Lat, Long), MGRS and USNG. After I created the service I added it to the Organization > Utility Services > Geocoding section. I then tested it in AGOL inside the map that he would be using and it worked perfectly.


The problem I’m having is making it work inside the mobile apps we use like Explorer or Collector. Does this Locator Service carry over from AGOL into the mobile apps that we use to view our maps?


The geocoding service is shared with everyone in my organization.


Thanks for any help in advance...