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Problem - need help with the most suited tool to solve it!

Question asked by LukeEdAllen on Apr 25, 2018

So basically I'm just trying to find out what tool would be best suited to address problem I have.

I am trying to find the most efficient route (least amount of pipe (footage) / most amount of houses provided with fire hydrant coverage (500 ft diameter buffer) for a water pipe through a sub division.

I know this is very vague, but what tool would be best suited to this? I know find route would find the shortest route, but I also want to provide the most amount of coverage provided by the fire hydrants, so shortest route isn't necessarily the best suited

At the moment I am just putting my own buffers on a path that I myself think would serve the most houses with the least amount of buffer overlap from the hydrants, but I'm frustrating myself because there most probably is a better way of doing it (that I cant think of at the moment!)


Thanks for any insight you could provide!