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Blank responses in repeats showing the answers from other repeats in Survey123

Question asked by ryan.andrew23 on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by ryan.andrew23

I am having a strange issue with the way that Survey123 is displaying answers within repeats in the survey123 app on windows PC's. I have tested this on several pcs and run into the same issue.


Basically, I have a repeat for entering multiple events that occur throughout the day. Most of the questions are answered for each event, but there are a couple that sometimes are left blank. The answer to these questions are used to calculate other answers within the repeat, but they are not strictly necessary from a data collection stand point.


What happens is that the first several repeats will leave these questions blank. Then an event happens that requires them and the field staff will fill them in. Then, when a new repeat is created with the "+" sign, the last entered values will show in the new questions. They will also show up if you scroll back to the previous blank questions. If you add new values in a different repeat, then those values will show in the blanks until you scroll to a repeat that has entered values.


The one nice thing about all of this is that the values that weren't entered, but display in blank answers don't get written to the service when the form is submitted. That is the expected outcome based on the fact that no values were entered for the questions, but it is difficult to tell which questions have actual answers and which were meant to be blank.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I didn't see this behavior with previous versions of the survey123 app, and think it might be related to the update.


Other notes:

  • The repeat contains a geopoint question
  • Two of the fields that are showing this behavior are numerical, and are for staff to enter latitude and longitude in degrees decimal-minutes and then several calculations convert them to decimal degrees to populate the geopoint question.
  • Other questions in the repeat that behave this way include an integer value, and a choose_one, so its not just one type of question that is having issues.


Attached is a screen capture of the portion of the form that is having issues with displaying repeat answers. Just so you have an idea of what the reppeat looks like.


Thanks for any help!