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Publish a map service from a fgdb stored in S3 that is registered as cloudstore in ArcGIS Server (deployed in AWS)

Question asked by Walter.Simonazzi on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by Walter.Simonazzi

Hi all,

I have registered a S3 bucket as cloud store in my ArcGIS Server (deployed in the AWS). Very straightforward process, all worked ok.

Now I want to publish a dynamic map service that uses data stored in that S3 bucket. I have found many references in the help saying you can use S3 as data store in ArcGIS Server for shapefiles and file geodatabases but I could not find a reference that explains how to publish a service that uses data stored in S3. 

How could I do that - say from ArcGIS desktop? is that possible?

Appreciate your help. Thank you.


PS: Why would I want to do that? 1) To keep my ArcGIS Server site stateless, 2) In my organisation S3 is a very easy way to update the file data I registered in ArcGIS Server. 3) make use of all the benefits of S3, and since I'm using it as part of the ArcGIS Enterprise deployment I want to use it for other purposes.  

4) AWS EFS is possibly a better option, yes I agree but it's not yet supported as a datastore in server as far as I know. 







[3] Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) – Cloud File Storage – Amazon Web Services (AWS) 


Derek Law ( FYI, this is what I was talking with Simon Jackson @esri Australia )