Watershed Delineation

Discussion created by MDegones on Apr 24, 2018
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Good day! 


I just want to ask if there's any other method in ArcMap where I can delineate my watershed? I have used the Hydrology tool under the Spatial Analysis Toolbox and the Pour Point Method. But I would like to know if there's any other possible method beside these (except the ArcHydro tool)? Is the Spatial Statistics Toolbox can help especially the Directional Distribution under Measuring Geographic Distribution Tool or the Analyzing Patterns Tool? I thought of these methods to be possible since my study area are volcanoes and drainage patterns in these morphology are all radial. 


Attach is the screen captured image of my delineated watershed at Mayon Volcano. You can see that it would be time consuming in our part if we do the Pour point method in every volcano that is why it would be much appreciated if anyone can help me.


I I look forward to hear positive advice. Thank you so much!