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Data formatting for Create Space-Time Cube w/ Defined Locations?

Question asked by erica.dawn on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by jenweaver

Hello everyone,


I'm a GIS student currently working on a project analyzing food business within Atlantic Canada over 14 years. I have 49 Census Divisions within my study area so I understand that the "Create Space Time Cube By Aggregating Points" tool is not possible to use, as you need a minimum of 60 points. However, I would like to use the "Create Space-Time Cube with Defined Locations" tool, if possible. I have watched an Esri seminar as well as a demo of this tool in action and understand conceptually how it works. However, I'm having trouble with the data formatting.


Attached is a screenshot of what my data looks like, as well as a screenshot of my counties shapefile which I need to perform a join on. The columns represent points for the number of grocery stores within those specified dates in the column headers (Dec00 = December 2000, and so on). I understand I should have only one column representing dates, in a date format. However, I have many points for the same location over 28 time periods (collected every six months from December 2000-June 2014). If anyone knows of any tips on how to format the data so that I only have a single column for a date field, with my census divisions on the y-axis so that I can perform a spatial join to my counties shapefile, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.