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define per request modification of layer order and symbology using ArcPy?

Question asked by deleted-user-3QvhwBivZdaR on Apr 24, 2018

My web app will (hopefully) use dynamic layers with symbols that are rendered dynamically, based on a user chosen attribute.  So far I am doing this by defining a UniqueValueRenderer, then passing these properties to a layer with LayerDrawingOptions.  My work so far is loosely based on this example.


I periodically add new layers to the map and then re-publish them with a Python script using ArcPy.  As far as I know, ArcPy does not provide a way to overwrite an existing map service (please correct me if I am wrong! )  So instead, I delete, then publish, the map service from scratch.


So here is my issue: to allow dynamic symbol rendering in my map services, I need to enable per request modification of the services, which I can do in Manager for the services on that server.  But, I have not found a way to do this with ArcPy.   Once the map services are re-published, as of now I need to then log into Manger and manually check the 'allow modification' checkbox, and also re-register the file gdb as a dynamic workspace.  I have several map services in this app that need to redner symbols dynamically.

I'd appreciate any ideas, thanks. (image below is from ArcGIS Server Manager, 'Capabilities' far as I can tell, this option is not available either when manually publishing a layer, or with ArcPy)