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Collector Passing Field to Survey123 Help

Question asked by zak.poulton on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by alina.taus

Hello All,


I need help with Survey123 and Collector. I did the setup a little backwards. I have feature layers in a webmap published to use in collector and I created a survey. I am now trying to join the two feature services. I just need one field to match and I will be okay, after all this is a simple dataset and will only be using the survey123 forms in the end. I currently have users saving a waypoint to one of the feature classes in collector and then using the custom URL to access Survey123. Reading all the blogs and comments I first tried using the URL to link to a field "NestID" but since this is unique ID and a text field all I get is ${}, so I tried adding {Name} and that is all I get. I realize now from reading that it needs to be a "selected one" or multi. Is that right? So then I tried passing x,y to auto pop by using center={}. Again I only get the brackets. I now realize that xy needs to be in the same field. For the life of me I can not figure out who to do that to where it will auto populate. 


I also tried recreating the survey linking it to the feature service online in the beginning. This work but will not let me publish because I have repeats and need them. 


We need collector to navigate back to the found bird nest but we want to use Survey123 for data collection. Can someone please help me  connect the two dots.


Sorry if this has been covered. I have gotten lost in all the post and after two weeks I am tried of beating my head against the wall.