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Shapefiles in the print widget and the screening widget

Question asked by on Apr 21, 2018
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Hello friends!

I have two problems, I can not find a solution. I had never worked with import of shapefiles (temporary). I was asked for this claim. I was able to customize the widget provided here in the geonet community. I made the customizations I needed and until then everything ok.

The problem is that I was asked to generate the pdf print with the print widget, the shapefiles legend should be included too (with symbology, texts, etc), but I can not find where to customize and how to do it .

My second problem is that the widget screening (in the drawing and coordinate tool) does not load the shapes layers for intersection of information and report generation. I have already tried to use the shapefile part of it, but I was not able to fix all the errors that were displayed, one of them being the fact that the layer widget did not display the imported shapefile in any way.

Thanks for any help and I apologize for English. I'm from Brazil and I need to use google translator.

Thank you!