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Is It Possible to Automate Dynamic Symbology and Legends?

Question asked by LeviCecil on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by LeviCecil

Currently my company produces PDF reports using static legends and raster symbologies. We right click the legends in layout view and save them as png images. We use Python to export the symbolized rasters as images and these and the legends are all linked to Powerpoint or Reportlab templates. We have a client that wants reports with legends and symbology that change based on the temperature ranges of daily raster data. They gave us a .style file which has color ramps but no legend items. We've never worked with a style file before. I've looked into Raster Classify Symbology for changing the symbology on the fly, but is it possible to change legends based on certain criteria and have that legend automatically export as an image? This process needs to be fully automated in python.