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mouse disappears

Question asked by cartogal_75 on Apr 20, 2018

My work just supplied us with a 43in Dell monitor, I have noticed that when I have a menu up in Arc the mouse will disappear at the bottom and left hand side of the monitor.  It jumps to my second screen and i have to carefully control the mouse in order to use the Arc menu.  

Different solutions I have researched has been DPI, mine is set at 96 which is what was recommended.  Increase mouse size, I have looked at my display menu and I can't find where I am able to increase my mouse size.  My work has a lot of control over any sort of customization with our computers and monitors, so not sure if that is the reason.  


Any ideas would be very welcomed.   I did not experience this until I received the monitor, and all my coworkers that have this monitor experiences the same thing.   


It's a Dell P4317Q