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Cascading text field for multiple choice question

Question asked by on Apr 19, 2018
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Hey guys,


I am creating a survey that takes temperature in 4 different aspects; air, surface, 'X depth' and 'Y depth'. We don't necessarily take the temperature of all the aspects of interest. So, I put this question type as 'multiple choice' in the XLSForm. I know that we have the cascading select feature. But in my case, how do I configure this question into a cascading text question? My workflow would be something like:


Temperature > Multiple choice selection: Air, Surface, X Depth, Y Depth > Choose one of the choice and have a cascading text question which I can fill in with the decimal numbers for temperature. 


I know it's a little elementary but I couldn't find a question in the post that really matches to the feature I'd like to use. Any help would be totally awesome


P/S: I'm using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS