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Set Value Inside of Repeat Record

Question asked by dbecker88 on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by nedulfon_usfs
select_one shrub_speciessp1select species
begin repeatshrub_interceptsenter intercepts
textshrub_speciesselected shrub speciesyes${sp1}
integerint_start_cmstart CM
integerint_end_cmend CM
end repeat


Surveyors don't want to continually select a shrub_species inside the repeat each time they advance the repeat. They want select it 1 time (outside the repeat), then set multiple int_start_cm / int_end_cm values inside the repeat.


Everything works as-expected until they want to switch the select_one shrub_species in the top dropdown box.

If you back arrow < to the previously entered repeat records, they display the currently selected sp1 value, not the value that was selected when they were added.


Luckily, after submitting and syncing the data, the database displays the correctly selected sp1 value.


Anyone have a workaround so that field staff can page backward through the repeat and see what sp1 value was set?