Survey123: domains are inconsistently displayed

Discussion created by htouyeras_1 on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by AurelijusD

I have created survey templates with Survey123Connect for ArcGIS (v.3.0.14), with extensive use of "select_one" fields.

The domains are mostly defined in the "Choices" worksheet, and sometimes in the "external_choices" worksheet.


In the Field App, Survey123 for ArcGIS, all domains aliases always display OK. Some of those aliases do not display when I view the Feature Service, whether ArcGIS Online or the Survey123 website, or in ArcMap: the field shows the coded value only.

I cannot find why some of the domains "work" (show the alias) and why some don't. All coded values are short, and created in the Survey123Connect Excel worksheet (short values, mostly textual for client's needs, mostly frrom the "choices" worksheet and some from the "external_choices").

Do you know what causes this inconsistent behaviour, and how I can modify my survey design to consistently disply domain aliases?


Below a series of screen shots showing the same fields in Survey123 for Arcgis, and in ArcGIS Online, with the corresponding source Excel cells.

Domains always display OK inthe field App



Resulting Feature Service attibute table, with some domain exposing aliases and some not. The source field and parameter in the S123 Connect worksheet is also shown.