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Collector impact on geodatabase compress operation

Question asked by NicolasGIS on Apr 19, 2018
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Here is a long post about the Collector impact on geodatabase compress operation.


Problem :

I noticed that the compress operation is not working as expected because of Collector replica/versions I believe



We have set up a while ago some Collector applications for data collection.
Though these webmaps are used to collect some data, another goal of these applications is also to have many layers (#30) as read only to help decision making on the field (offline functionnality).

The read-only data is hosted in an ArcSDE Oracle database and versionned and the web map is referencing ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 feature services with sync functionnality enabled.
There is only one version in the read only database : the DEFAULT one (basically we enabled versionning for Collector).



Everything has been working fine, but now that these applications have been out for a while I noticed that the delta tables are growing and compress operation removes only few STATES.
I do not have much experience with database replications and versionning other than with Collector so maybe I missed something...

I believed for a while that some Collector applications had not been synchronised for a very long time and were preventing the compress from compressing, but when doing some tests, I noticed that when I download the map and 2 days later I synchronized (some data in the read only database have been updated in the meantime), while looking at the SDE.VERSIONS table, I see that new versions are created (SYNC_(SEND/RECEIVE/RECEIVE_REC)_REPLICAOBJECTID_X) with X becoming bigger but all the versions still reference the original STATE_ID of the initial download.
I would have thought that it would have come back to the last STATE_ID of the database and thus a compress would then be effectiv has nothing would reference old STATE anymore.



Does that mean that synchronizing is not enough and that I have to ask the user to download again the map once in a while rather than synchronizing if I want the database to be compressed ?
Or are there any operations that should be done on my side ?
Are they other people facing compress problems because of Collector ? Any advices, hints ?


Thanks for your help,