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problem with attachments in AGOL layer

Question asked by jimmy.bisese on Apr 18, 2018

I am trying to publish a Feature Class to AGOL with attachments.  The Feature Class has an OBJECTID (Data Type Object ID) field and a globalid (Data Type Global ID) field. In ArcGIS Desktop the Identify Tool provides access to the Attachments.
When I publish to AGOL, and then create a Web Map to display the layer, the Attachments always shows "No attachments found".  
If I export the data from AGOL into a File Geodatabase, download it to my computer, and open that in ArcGIS Desktop - I can use the Identify Tool and the Attachments are working correctly.


I used a match table to load the attachments, and I saw a post about turning off the ATTACHMENTID (Data Type Object ID) field in the 'attachment' table.  I did that, and republished, but it didn't change the behavior.

I also tried using Query Attachment directly against the AGOL service, but that also resulted in an empty result ("attachmentGroups" : []")


What is the next step in debugging/fixing this problem?   Thanks



in ArcGIS Desktop feature with ResultGlobalID 76fd7f68-0885-4b29-8819-862b9d5be69a has attachmentin AGOL Desktop feature with ResultGlobalID 76fd7f68-0885-4b29-8819-862b9d5be69a has no attachment