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off panel widget

Question asked by detroit on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by detroit

Trying to create my first off panel widget, it would have no ui template just configuration, settings ui etc...

From what i read on this forum (yes the api documentation meantions nothing about this) you need to add your widget to the \client\stemap\predefined-apps\default\config.json

but in what format and to which element


According to the forum I

1. copied Scalebar widget (which is off panel widget), renamed it and changed name in manifest

2. went to config.json (mentioned above) and added a copy of scalebar widget items i found in this json





"uri": "widgets/Something/Widget",
"position": {
"left": 17,
"bottom": 25
"version": "0.01"

2. mobileLayout.widgetOnScreen.widgets 

"widgets/Something/Widget": {
"position": {
"left": 7,
"bottom": 40
"version": "1.4"


I am left without any idea how to add off panel widget now. 

Also when you want to deploy this to IIS for portal admins to use on their Portals will they have to write into these configuration files as well?

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