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Camera Capture sample not taking orientation into account on iPad

Question asked by tiago.ribeiroesribelux-esridist Employee on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by LGao-esristaff

Hello everyone,

I'm having a problems using the camera in the iPad. For some reason it doesn't respect the orientation of the device and by default it sets the orientation always to 0, meaning it only works properly taking the photo in landscape mode but only when turning in the counter-clockwise position (so volume buttons on top).

Also looking at the orientation property of both the Camera and VideoOutput object, the camera is always at 270 no matter what but the VideoOutput changes when I change the orientation of the iPad.

On Android I don't have any issue.

I tried to manually setting the exif data of the photo taken but to no avail.

Any ideas in how to force the camera or the picture to take the correct orientation?

Thank you!