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MGRS - Touch Reference Not Working 100.2.1

Question asked by joelpraesidium on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by joelpraesidium

Hi All,


I have been able to successfully do the following but I am having a hard time with the guide "Convert to MGRS Grid" as it uses the older 10.9.2 Runtime SDK. Usually I would simply use the older Runtime but unfortunately support for Mobile Map Packages came in 100.2.1 so it is not possible for me as I need offline map access.



- Setup ArcGIS to use .mmpk offline file.

- Created .TPK so it could be used to make Mobile Map Package in ArcGIS Pro

- Added MGRS grid to map


The Link below is exactly the feature I am after but unfortunately no samples for Runtime 100.2.1 exist from what I can find. When trying to change the dependencies to suit new runtime environment I am unable to restore all dependencies using 100.2.1 Runtime.


Sample Link:



Thanks in advance for any assistance !