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.Net Runtime 100.2 CallOutDefinition - Unable to trigger map tapped event

Question asked by FDM_Jim on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by sky_watch

I've been successful at getting my callout to appear with a button image and even have the image clickable to trigger further work. However, when I touch the screen with my finger it does not trigger the button click event and am wondering how I can go about using a touch event to fire the action related to the button?



Code example:

if (MyGraphic.HasLayout)
//a button is needed in the callout definition
var converter = new ImageConverter();
var png = Properties.Resources.Form;
def.ButtonImage = new RuntimeImage((byte[])converter.ConvertTo(png, typeof(byte[])));
Action<object> infoWindowButtonClick_Process = MoreDetailsClicked;
def.OnButtonClick = infoWindowButtonClick_Process;


My click event being handled:

private void MoreDetailsClicked(object message)
 //do further work