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Python Cursors and Dictionaries- I am no Turbo Mechanic!

Question asked by grahame on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by rfairhur24

using rfairhur24 very helpful blog on "Turbo Charging Data Manipulation with Python Cursors and Dictionaries", I have managed to create two separate libraries to compare to a cursors:

Comparison 1: Returns  records that are in table 'A' but not in Feature Class (FC) 'B' with the output being a list of fields    from table 'A' and a field stating that the record in table 'A" might need to be deleted. results in 4 records.

Comparison 2: To identify changed areas in table 'A' and FC 'B', with the output being key value and acreage from FC    'B'. results in 11 records.

using insertRow and setValue, I can get either of the cursor comparisons to write to Table 'c'. I can't get the script to write the first comparison and then write the second comparison, resulting in a change table with the two types of changes totaling 15 records.

I can hack code pretty good, but I obviously have a logic and reasoning issue when creating new code...

any help is greatly appreciated!!