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Survey 123 Browser Application Only Pulling Parent Data and Not Related Data

Question asked by cityofmerced on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by cityofmerced

Good Morning,

I run into an issue with Survey 123 Browser Application. I created a survey with just the related logs (no repeats) sometime last year. Before I was able to log on to the Survey 123 Browser Application and print the Logs, but now I only get the parent features data that the logs are related to. Furthermore, when I generate a default report word document it uses the related tables fields and not the parent features fields. I tried to use this form to create the reports, but it doesn't work as well because the data that appears in the web application is from the parent feature. Did something change over past month that is now preventing me from print the log information? 


Just in case here are the specification for my hardware: 

  • ArcServer 10.3
  • VM OS 2008
  • ArcSDE 10.3
  • Sql 2008 R2 



Michael Machado