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Turning on layers with list selection - workarounds?

Question asked by BlueWaterGIS on Apr 16, 2018

I have an Operations Dashboard that we are using to track ~25 telemetry tagged fish.  I'd like to show only the current location points (no previous location points) upon the dashboard loading.  When the user selects a specific fish from the list widget, I want it to filter to show not only that fish's current location - but also it's previous locations, essentially to turn on the previous location layer.


Dashboard:  Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 


I'm finding that the previous locations layer has to be ON in the webmap for the filter to work.  This causes the previous locations layer to load upon start (which I don't want as there are way too many points).  If the layer is off, the filter doesn't work. 


It seems like this functionality (the list widget turning on/off layers) is not supported.  Any other thoughts or potential work-arounds?


Thank you!