WAB 3D, Local Scenes and subsurface data

Discussion created by Leandermen on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by jsong-esristaff

I don't know what happened but a month ago i made a local scene in ArcGIS pro and Publish it in ArcGIS Online (a simple one 3 layers and 1 multipatch) with subsurface data (underground project).

When i started Scene viewer and create my slides to focus the view under the basemap i didn't have any problem to watch it and when i created with WAB (Web Application Builder) my app everything worked fine. I can watch the slides underground and everything's ok.


Today i tried to look underground in the same web app (no mods) but it can't go under the basemap and my slides doesn't work. I checked the scene in scene viewer and my slides are ok but in my app it doesn't go under the basemap.


Is there any configuration to look under a local scene in WAB?


Help please.