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ArcSOCs Exceed Max Instance Setting

Question asked by MDFancher1 on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by MDFancher1

Has anyone ever had a problem where the number of ArcSOC processes running per service exceed the max number of instances set for the service. For example, I have the max number of instances for a map service set at four, but when I look in task manager, I may see there are 10 ArcSOC processes associated with the service. When that sort of growth occurs across the 20 or so services I have published, the server eventually runs out of memory and services become unavailable.


Oddly, this has started happening on two production servers almost simultaneously. The servers ran with little to no issue all of 2017, but we've had 14 incidents spread across these two servers since the end of January. To make things more fun, the servers are somewhat different. Server #1 is Windows 2008 running ArcGIS Server 10.2.2. Server #2 is Windows 2012 running ArcGIS Server 10.3.1. Both are single machine sites. We run all services in high isolation.


I've tried a number of things on both servers:


1. Adding additional ArcGIS-specific folder exclusions our anti-virus

2. Making ArcSOC a trusted process in anti-virus

3. Making pkill a trusted process in anti-virus

4. Running the configure ArcGIS Server account utility


No help there.


Some other odd things:


1. I can't run pkill manually on either server unless I add the ArcGIS Server account to the admin group

2. Ending the extra ArcSOC processes from task manager has a cascading effect. If I end one, 10 more could die off


For the record, I have engaged Esri support on this issue. Progress has just been slow, so I wanted to put this out there in case is resonates with anyone.


Thanks in advance for any info!