Creating a one-to-many join with "Make query table"

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With the help of this article I've been trying to join the attribute table of a feature class ("Original table") to a table ("Shepherd table") imported to the map and saved in the same geodatabase. For some of the data rows of the Original table there are several rows in the Shepherd table to be linked to, so that a one-to-many join is necessary. 


Also the end result is aimed to be a shapefile, where each data row of the Shepherd table is localized via its link to the Original table.


Specifically I have entered both sources into the "Input tables" and then selected the Fields I wanted to be in the join. Here is explained how to create a layer via adding a field "Shape" to the field list, but for me there is no option to add another field to the Field list.


Next I defined the Expression, saying on which respective fields the relation should happen. Then I chose a name for the query and then I chose keyfields. I've already tried several combinations of keyfields, including one where I specified a unique key field in both participating tables to produce a unique index, but it never worked. :-(


I would be very happy about any kind of advice!

Thank you very much!