Utility Network Ribbon not available when working with web maps in Pro

Discussion created by SchneiderChristian on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by HNasser-esristaff

Hello Everyone!


I set up different feature services in my ArcGIS server and published them to portal. Some of these feature services contain a utility network, some of them not.


When I am adding these feature services to a map in ArcGIS Pro, I can access the Utility Network Ribbon for those layers that belong to a utility network. So far so good.


My idea is now to author some web maps and to write a ArcGIS Pro configuration with a custom start page where the end user can select one of the pro-authored web maps to work with.


My problem is that the utility network ribbon is not visible for the un-layers in the web map. When I take a look at the layers of the web map I can see that the utility network itself is not part of the layer tree which would explain why the un-ribbon is not visible.


How can I add the utility network layer to a web map? I didn't find any way to add the layer when creating the web map in portal. Am i doing something wrong?


Or perhaps the idea with web maps isn't the right choice but how would I pre-author different maps for the end users?