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Data from my webmap is not shown in the webapp

Question asked by SanneMik on Apr 13, 2018

Hi, please help me here. 


I have made a webmap with some layers from our hosted services from Portal and some external WMS/WFS. 

I have made a webmap, which is working fine. When I setup a webapplication (webappbuilder) I can't see the data on the map. I can find them in the layer list, shown as visible, but they are not visible:-/


I have made an equal webmap, without popup info from one of the services, which works fine. But I need to add popup info settings from that service, and i have found the settings from another webmap, and now i need to implement it into this webmap. I am using ago-assistant (copying json) and it works fine, when i look at the webmap, but something goes wrong when i start up the webapp.