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Feature Service Not Editable in Collector once downloaded to Device

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2018


I have a simple point feature class (no relationships and no attachments) stored in a 10.5 Enterprise SQL Geodatabase, published on internal 10.5 ArcGIS Servers. The feature class has GlobalID's and is registered as versioned. The service has sync, query, create, extract, update, and delete enabled. This service is consumed through a Portal 10.4 WebMap on my iPad in Collector. Prior to downloading the map to the device I am able to edit the service and submit these edits through Collector. After I hit the download button and the runtime content is deposited on the device, I am able to place features using their respective feature templates but when I hit the 'Submit' button, I receive an error saying that 'This table is not editable'.


Any ideas on what I have setup incorrectly would be greatly appreciated.