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arcpy.ListDatasets does not return PersonalGeodatabases

Question asked by groote_lfu on Apr 12, 2018
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I have troubles using arcpy.ListDatasets in case of personal geodatabases. I have created a personal geodatabase in ArcMap (10.4.1) inclunding a feature class. Now I want to find the geodatabase and its feature class(es) with arcpy.ListDatasets (respectively ListFeatureClasses based on the output of arcpy.ListDatasets).

#path where personal geodatabase test_pgb.mdb is stored
test_path = r"H:\16\UTM\9999_dummy_data\test_pgb"
>>> arcpy.env.workspace = test_path
>>> arcpy.ListDatasets()
>>> arcpy.ListDatasets('*','Feature')

What am I doing wrong?

The feature class contains no feautres yet (what in my opinion should be irrelevant).


Thanks a lot for your help,