Implementing Portal in an Academic Setting

Discussion created by Lynn_Carlson on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by dlaw-esristaff

Wondering if anyone in the higher education community can (or has already?) share their model(s) for setting up ArcGIS Enterprise for their college/university. 


For example, which department / organization implements, manages, maintains the Portal part of Enterprise?  Is it the GIS shop?  Is it the IT shop?  Facilities Mgt. shop?  Does everyone share different responsibilities?  If so, who does what?


Advantages / disadvantages to even having Enterprise set up?  Do we need it?


Is Enterprise only used and maintained by Administrative / Facilities, with the Education and Research arm of the university reliant on and bound to using the ArcGIS Online organization?


If Facilities Mgt. has their own ArcGIS Server for pushing map services out as apps, some of which have "for their eyes" only login requirements (e.g. building floor plans),  and others which are for the campus at large (e.g. accessible parking spaces), how is authentication handled?  Is a Group set up within Portal?  Are SDKs / APIs used?  Which combinations?


Are there previous discussions about this topic that you can point me to?  Resources other than the on-line help documentation?


I realize this is likely a very involved topic with lots of possible variations depending on university size and resources, but any hints / suggestions / ideas / thoughts / resources are much appreciated. 


Thank you.